With any trade I think you are always learning so when the opportunity came up to do a type of studio photography I hadn’t done before, I leapt at the chance. This project in question, was to shoot the product photography for Showerdrape Ltd, a Manchester based bathroom accessories trade supplier in February.

This was part of a bigger project I had been commissioned to do for them – which was to design and artwork their catalogue supplement. This was a fabulous project to work on which included studio photography, set photography in the studio and on location. All with design in mind.

All of the product photos needed to be approved as I shot them as well, so I took the decision to shoot straight to laptop and using Lighroom CC I processed them and emailed them straight to the client. this approach certainly helped and was almost like having the client in the studio. A useful efficiency technique.

There are a number tricky challenges to overcome with selective products, and shooting varying types of product can mean having to constantly change the lighting setup. But despite all of this I turned the photography around in 2 days in a studio, and the whole design and artwork on the project in 2 weeks.

You can read more about the design project here.