“With a rich history that’s been well-documented I thought I had seen Manchester from every angle; and that’s where the charm of Paul’s photography lies. He captures our city with a fresh perspective; through his use of light, shadows and composition you get to see some our most famous landmarks with an unobserved twist; there are also plenty of surprises in how striking he can make Manchester’s deep-seeded urban decay.

Despite many of the shots being without people, every image tells a tale to those that call it home: those who have walked its cobbles, slumber in its doorways, work in its buildings, and run through its streets. Individually he gives you a chapter of the city, collectively you get the story.”

David Scott, ARGH KiD, Poet

The story behind a Manchester photographer

In 1993, Paul embarked on his journey by purchasing his first film SLR camera. Using this throughout his Design and Art Direction degree at Manchester Metropolitan University. He learned all about film and darkroom printing here. Eventually, he progressed on to photograph, develop and print all the photographs. He later used them in his degree show.

After graduating and carving a career out in the graphic design industry he found himself behind the camera again. This time, from an art direction perspective, reigniting his passion for photography.

Being born and bred in Manchester provided him with the inspiration for his signature black and white photographs.

In more recent years he has discovered the incredible range of natural beauty on his doorstep!

Paul Grogan Photography, Malham

Paul on a shoot above Malham in the Yorkshire Dales

 In Paul’s words:

“Mancunians are a proud bunch. I’m certain we’re no different to other locals up and down the country. What stirs that gut feeling that makes us love our city so much? I’ve been asking myself this question for years now and I still can’t answer it.

It probably comes as no surprise that my family is Manchester born and bred. Originally from Gorton, we now (for the most part) reside across the northern side of Greater Manchester.

In July 1997, after deciding to stay and study here, I successfully graduated from MMU.

During this period of my life, I immersed myself in the city centre. It was then that I developed a profound passion for photographing the city.

Fortunate enough, my career spanned 18 years, all spent working in the city centre.

During my lunch breaks, I explored the alleys, observing the old slowly being replaced by the new.

A cut in time photograph
Chimney Stack Regeneration website

During this time, I picked up a camera again, engaging in a decade-long endeavour of observing and capturing moments through photography.

In 2015, I experienced immense pride as I exhibited my Industrious Manchester collection in the Northern Quarter.

Engaging in people-watching, I observe the mesmerising dance of light and shadows on the red brick warehouses.

Passing reflections on the new glass structures, life buzzing around the waterways.

Our city is in the prime of its life. It is the birthplace of the computer, the first passenger railway, canals, and graphene.

Maybe as we make Manchester the city it is, are we crafted ourselves by this great city and the surrounding areas. Perhaps we are, quite literally, made of Manchester? I hope you enjoy the images on the website and I’d like to offer a massive thank you to everyone who has supported me.

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Millennium Bridge to Manchester

Available as a fine art limited edition print, or canvas.

panoramic landscapes frame corners

A buyers guide

Each of Paul’s photographs have been captured using the highest standard of photographic equipment at the time. Delivering high resolution images and amazing levels of detail that you can’t stop looking at.

The photographs are available in multiple sizes to suit all situations. Paul can produce custom-sized orders. Please get in touch to discuss your requirements.

Our landscape prints are made to order, on a gallery quality fine art paper. This is a fine art matt paper that doesn’t reflect light, oozing depth of colour and tone.

Frames are available to order online for the A4 and A3 prints. Custom sizes can be produced and are estimated on request. All images are available as for commercial usage in web and print resolution versions.

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