This Ramtech Electronics product shoot saw Paul find himself on the 17th floor of a construction site, to a crypt under a church.

On site product shoot for Ramtech Electronics

Paul carried out 3 separate photoshoots in London, Manchester and Edinburgh for this Ramtech Electronics product shoot.

Ramtech Electronics photoshoot
Ramtech John Dennis Edinburgh photography

Ramtech design and manufacture innovative wireless safety and security solutions. In particular, they wanted to photograph their WES+ fire alarm system which has been developed for construction sites. The system is able to wirelessly connect to the base station, usually in the site office. It can be placed in every aspect of a construction site. 

With fire risk being quite high, a wireless system was very innovative. However, the devices themselves are quite small, and basically a white box. The brief was to photograph the system in place in and around various construction site settings, each had their own unique fire risk element to them.

Paul’s brief included photographing an apartment site in Manchester, a house build in Romford, and the start of a coffee shop fit-out under a church in Edinburgh, specifically in a crypt. The main aim was to showcase the system in-situ and within its context.

For example, to photograph it near a tradesman using a blowtorch to plumb radiators or grinding some stone, that generated sparks in a dry and dusty environment.

A great project, all with very difficult and challenging circumstances to work in.


Ramtech Electronics product shoot

“Thanks for these – there’s some cracking shots there! Looks like you had a visually interesting site and some willing ‘models’ to work with.”

Cat Widdowson, Marketing, Ramtech Electronics Limited

Ramtech product photoshoot
Ramtech John Dennis Edinburgh
onsite product photoshoot
Ramtech John Dennis Edinburgh
Ramtech WES Romford product shoot
Ramtech WES Romford photography
Ramtech WES Romford site
Ramtech John Dennis Edinburgh product shoot
Ramtech John Dennis Edinburgh photoshoot
Ramtech John Dennis Edinburgh product shoot
Ramtech John Dennis Edinburgh photo shoot
Ramtech John Dennis Edinburgh photography

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