Landscaping business marketing photography

Paul had the opportunity to work with Hultons Landscapes, a prominent landscaping business seeking high-quality marketing photography for their online presence and awards submissions. The assignment involved capturing several ongoing projects across various locations in the North West, UK, over a number of days.


Aldi Distribution Centre Farnworth photography

Landscaping business marketing photography for the web and print.

landscaping business marketing photography

The the project began with a meeting at Dunham Massey‘s offices to coordinate with the site manager. The first location was the Aldi Distribution Centre in Farnworth, a vast site still undergoing cultivation for planting. The task was to photograph the site without any visible Aldi logos in the shots. The focus was on capturing overall views and details of the wild flowers and grasses incorporated into the new developments.

Next, the team moved on to a newly developed apartment complex in Huyton, Merseyside, which was inaugurated by Lord Coe. The site was impeccably maintained with a stunning courtyard as the main feature, as Hultons Landscapes aimed to renew their grounds maintenance contract.

The third location presented unique challenges as it was an active building site, requiring the use of personal protective equipment (PPE) and surrounded by fences. Despite these obstacles, the team worked creatively to showcase the landscape design without portraying it as a construction site.

landscaping business marketing photography

“Just a quick note to say that we are blown away with the quality of work from your recent visits to our finished projects. The pictures look great on the website.”

Chris Whittingham, Commercial Director, Hultons Landscapes

Moor Hall landscaping business marketing photography
landscaping business marketing photography
landscaping business marketing photography

The shoot also included an additional location, Altrincham Grammar Schools for Girls. Photographing during the school holidays was advantageous, as it allowed capturing images without any interruptions.

To meet the client’s urgent requirements, Paul turned the image processing around quickly and provided both high-resolution and web resolution versions, easily accessible for download via Dropbox.

The client was delighted with the final images, indicating the potential for future collaborations on upcoming projects.

In the subsequent commercial shoot for Hultons Landscapes, Paul covered five additional locations around Cheshire and Manchester. These included Moor Hall, Booths Park, Edge Hill University, Embankment near Manchester Cathedral and Media City.

Each location represented areas that Hultons Landscapes had either designed, built or maintained for their clients. The same approach of capturing overall shots to showcase the scale and lovely details with a narrow depth of field was applied.

Booths Park web resolution 34 1
landscaping business marketing photography
Booths Park landscaping business marketing photography
Moor Hall web resolution shot
Media City landscape photography
Embankment web photography
Bluebells Development photography

Travelling around these locations for two days under the sun provided a fulfilling experience, especially since we knew that Hultons Landscapes would use the photographs in their brochure, designed by Paul’s design company, Think.

For more information about the design aspect, readers could find additional details on the Think website.

Media City landscape
Media City web res83 1
Media City web res64 1
Aldi Distribution Centre Farnworth photoshoot
Bluebells Development web 20 1
Bluebells Development web 22 1
Moor Hall Olive Tree 1
Booths Park web resolution 17 1
Booths Park web resolution 26 1

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