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Image licensing options

Image licensing can be a difficult decision to make when waying up against the potential value that it could bring. Paul can offer three flexible image licensing options to help your brand stand out in the market.

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Worldwide Exclusive Use Image Licence

This Worldwide Exclusive Use license ensures that your brand is the only one with access to the image. This will prevent competitors from using the same photograph in their campaigns. Paul guarantees the image will never be resold.

This license grants full ownership. It is especially useful for campaigns that will run for a long period or are part of a larger brand strategy.

A Worldwide Exclusive Use Image License can be beneficial for any brand. It helps the brand to distinguish itself and be seen as a leader in its industry. Investing in this license is worth the effort.

This license helps you to keep your brand’s visual identity unique, memorable and recognisable. This gives you a great advantage over the competition.

Non-Exclusive Rights Image Licence

A Non-Exclusive Rights license allows you allows to purchase an image to use as you want. But you may see the image used by other companies.

You can still use the image in your own marketing materials, website, social media, or other promotional activities without any restrictions. As long as it’s within the scope of the license agreement.

The price of a Non-Exclusive Image License is usually lower than an Exclusive Image License. If you require exclusive use of an image, you may need to negotiate a different type of license agreement.

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Royalty Free Image Licence

With a Royalty-Free Image License, you can use the image for as long as you want. This means you could use it across multiple projects, without any additional fees.

The Royalty-Free option can be a cost-effective way to license an image for a specific purpose. without the need for full ownership or exclusive usage rights for businesses or individuals.

It’s important to note that Royalty-Free Image Licenses have some limitations on usage. These can include restrictions on using the image in a trademark or logo, or using it in a way that could be considered defamatory or discriminatory.

Be sure to read and understand the terms of the license before making the purchase.

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