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Designed for those with limited wall space but a passion for Manchester, the Micro Manchester range offers gorgeous in-the-moment snapshots available framed for only £25.00.

As a photographer based in Manchester, Paul Grogan has always been fascinated by the city’s unique blend of history, culture, and architecture. Being the world’s first industrial city, Manchester boasts distinctive buildings reflecting a rich history. This led to the creation of the “Micro Manchester” collection, featuring snapshots of the city’s most iconic sights.

From the grand Victorian architecture of the Town Hall to the colorful graffiti and street art, each photograph in the collection tells a story about this vibrant and diverse city. Whether capturing the bustling crowds at Christmas markets or the serene calm of the canals, every image reflects Manchester’s essence.

Paul takes great care to ensure each photograph is expertly composed and edited, capturing the beauty of the subject matter. These prints and photos are a perfect way to showcase love for Manchester and its iconic scenery, making great gifts or additions to home decor.

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A buyers guide

Each of Paul’s photographs have been captured using the highest standard of photographic equipment at the time. Delivering high resolution images and amazing levels of detail that you can’t stop looking at.

Available in multiple sizes to suit all situations, he can also produce custom sized orders. Please get in touch to discuss your requirements.

Our landscape prints are made to order, on a gallery quality fine art paper. This is a fine art matt paper that doesn’t reflect light, oozing depth of colour and tone.

Frames are available to order online for the A4 and A3 prints. Custom sizes can be produced and are estimated on request. All images are available as for commercial usage in web and print resolution versions.

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