Indulge in a visual feast: savour the artistry of culinary delights with Paul Grogan Photography, an exceptional food photographer based in Manchester.

food photography

Manchester based food and hospitality photographer

Paul is a Manchester-based food and hospitality photographer. He is known for his expertise in capturing high-quality images of delicious dishes out of the kitchen. With his skills and experience, he helps businesses showcase their food in the best possible light. He creates visually appealing photographs that attract customers. Paul’s passion for food and hospitality photography is evident in every shot he takes. His dedication to producing exceptional imagery has earned him a reputation as one of the most sought-after food and hospitality photographers in Manchester.


Food and hospitality photography with design in mind.

As a skilled commercial product photographer Paul specialises in food and hospitality. He understands the significance of presenting culinary delights and hospitality offerings in a way that entices and captivates audiences. Whether it’s for restaurant menus, food packaging, hotel promotions or culinary advertisements, he utilises expert lighting techniques, composition, and meticulous attention to detail. Paul creates stunning visuals that effectively showcase the essence and allure of each dish and hospitality experience. From the rustic charm of a countryside retreat to the sophisticated elegance of a fine dining experience, Paul’s photographs resonate with emotions. They evoke memories and inspire new culinary adventures.

With an extensive portfolio of food, beverages, hotel suites, and dining spaces, Paul collaborates closely with clients. He ensures the photographs align with their vision, elevating brand image and engaging customers.

If you’re a restaurant owner, food entrepreneur, or hospitality establishment seeking a skilled photographer in Manchester, choose Paul. His visually striking images will elevate your brand and leave a lasting impression.

This will ultimately contribute to increased customer interest and revenue growth.

food photography
Amazon Pub Food Photography
Amazon Pub Food Photo
Nutters State Dinner food photography
Nutters State dinner photography
Nutters State dinner photo

Contact him today to discuss your project and let us bring your food to life.

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Bird at Birtle
Bird at Birtle
Bird at Birtle
Bird at Birtle

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What our customers say

Fantastic work! Ordered a framed photo online and it arrived quick and well packaged. Will be ordering more in the future! Love all the ‘Manchester’ photos! Thanks!

Charlotte Etchells

Great photography by Paul, who goes to any length to get the shot.

Simon Henrick, Head of News and Issues, Direct Line Group

Cavendish House, Chapel Walks, North Spring Office

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