A morning’s photography for Greyland, a Manchester based cleaning product company. I was approached via my website to see if I would come to their head office and take 8-10 head shots for their new website.

When I turned up with all my equipment they were a little surprised. ‘It’s actually quite simple to be honest’, I responded, as I took an hour setting up and getting the light just right. In an open office with light streaming in, this changed a lot, so it was important I got it right!

One of the hardest things to do when taking corporate portraits is to get the subject to relax. Most people don’t like having their photo taken despite the selfie craze, so it can be a real challenge to get a photo where the person in front of the camera doesn’t look like a startled rabbit.

I like to think this is where my cheeky mancunian charm comes in… I usually tell a funny story about something I had just done or try and get them to tell me something… anything that relaxes them and takes their mind off the camera and two lights flashing away.

I do think it’s important if you want to have a ‘meet the team’ that the photography is at a standard that matches the professionalism of them and your business. Moreover, it doesn’t take long to arrange or shoot – start to finish on this project was just over a week.

‘It’s a lot more involved than it looks, but these are brilliant’ was the feedback made by Jamie at Greyland.