A new feature as I do more and more wedding photography. I thought I would choose a favourite wedding photograph and tell a little story behind the shot. This could be on any of my wedding photos, be it a traditional group shot of a candid or documentary style photograph that may capture a moment of raw emotion, or burst of laughter. Or even just a tender moment between the loving couple.

Even the traditional wedding photos can tell a story and I always work hard to get my bride and groom and their wedding party to relax and be themselves. Almost forget that I’m there… even if I am giving them instructions or telling them a joke to lighten them up.

From Smithhills Hall, Bolton

In today’s wedding photo of the month (I know, I couldn’t think of a catchier title) I have selected a wedding from May at Smithills Hall in Bolton.

I took the bride, Natalie, and groom, Greg of for a walk around the gardens. There were two reasons I did this. The first was to give them sometime to each other whilst I took some natural photos of them, the other to take advantage of the gorgeous setting the had chosen to have their wedding at.

The area I shot this was a gated Georgian herb garden, only accessible by the content of the management. The light was getting a little lower and just creeping into the courtyard the garden was situated in. Natalie and Greg just had a short walk around (no doubt chatting about the wedding) and they came together in the centre… Shooting from a distance, I was able to catch a gorgeous moment where two people, who were clearly basking in the emotion of the day, lost themselves in each other. A gorgeous, untouched magical moment.

That’s why I love being a wedding photographer.