It was a privilege to be asked to photograph the wedding of one of my wife’s best friends a couple of weeks ago. Doubling my responsibilities with being a guest was also fun! But ever the professional, I left the partying until after I had finished the photography.

Every wedding I get asked to photograph comes with great responsibility. It’s not like you can redo the photos at another date is it? But I also think it’s magnified when it’s for someone you know.

In this case it came with a gorgeous love story. A tale of two people, childhood sweethearts, who had both been married, but lady luck, or cupid maybe, brought back together a couple of years ago. The wedding itself was a simple and understated affair, in keeping with the couple I suppose. They had decided on a registry office ceremony in Bury Town hall, followed by the traditional group shots outside. Then all the guests made their way to a small social club in Radcliffe for the wedding breakfast. No top table was required, and with a rather tasty buffet to eat, the speeches, emotional for everyone, were over quickly. Then the partying began!

It can be so lovely and touching as a photographer to be in a position to capture those intimate moments that most wedding guests will never see. But for me it is also important to understand the couple. I always like to really get to know all my brides and grooms. And I do this with 2-3 meetings where we chat weddings but also just have a natter. It’s very important to me that I know they will be comfortable having me photograph their wedding day.

But you know what? You could see how happy they were to finally be together. Being part of it as guest was lovely, but to record their special day was my highlight.

That is what I was there for after all.