Donna and Dave’s wedding was, putting it simply, fab. Two amazing people, meeting later in life who were meant for each other. The brief was a simple one though, a little bit of bridal prep, lots and lots of shots of the lovely couple and some fly on the wall, or documentary ones if possible. 

As it was quite a small wedding there were less opportunities for capturing those fun moments, but it was still a laugh. The venue, the Sparth house Hotel in Accrington was lovely as well, and gave Donna and Dave opportunities for some private time away from their guests, with me shooting from a distance. 

I did my usual meet and greet with my couples in their home near Accrington, and I was blown away by how happy they were to be together. I think this really comes through in the shots of them as well. I also loved how Dave had his young son as his best man. Brilliant. 

But as usual, aside from the list they gave me, it was basically me, my camera’s and my smile wandering around taking snaps. 

Love it.