It’s been a busy few weeks for me recently, which is why I’ve been so quiet, but I’m happy to say that despite having missed the opening night in July of the Story of the Creative Exhibition in New York, I was able to fly out last Thursday as the exhibition entered its last week…

So where should I begin…

Despite a missed connection due to the speed it took to get through immigration at Philadelphia Airport, and ever the optimist – the 4 hour delay basically meant missing an afternoon and the opportunity to shoot the NYC skyline at night – I was able to talk to some locals, one of whom became a valuable resource for what or rather where to go at night!

So, Friday morning, after a somewhat shabby sleep, breakfast the only way you should in NY, a quick subway trip to Long Island, a long-ish walk and I was there – at See.Me’s exhibition space.

It was a strange feeling seeing my work up in a rather stylish exhibition space. Knowing that a lot of people have visited the exhibition in the previous few weeks as well, so it will have been viewed by a LOT of people.

Olympus Digital Camera


I love living and working in a city. My family is from Manchester, I’ve spent the 20 of the last 21 years in Manchester during the day with University and with work, but nothing could have prepared me for the sheer scale New York is at. It makes Manchester look like a small hamlet… But what it does offer is some incredible photographic opportunities. 

I had a great time even if it was exhausting – mainly down to the 20-odd miles I walked during the 2 and a half days spent there.

The cherry on the cake was receiving an email from See.Me advising me that I have now been selected to be featured in Creatives Rising, where my work will be featured larger than life on the side of NYC buildings!