So September’s Wedding Photograph of the month comes from Emma and Gary’s wedding earlier in the month. Another fantastic day was spent from bridal preparation though to the first dance.

But unlike may of my other choices for this post, I’ve opted for a photograph from the best mans speech.

I think a huge part of what any photographer does is observe. Sustaining that level of concentration for a least 9 hours isn’t as easy as it looks. What it does do though, is enable the photographer to anticipate certain moments that pass in a matter of seconds. Today’s choice is all about that. The best man, and best friend of the groom got quite emotional. Something you maybe wouldn’t expect from him. I certainly didn’t. But as his speech started I suspected that this might happen. Camera at the ready, focused and exposed. I waited. Sure enough he lost it. But I love it. Seeing how much the groom and his new wife meant to him, and being able to capture that moment forever for them isn’t something that can be staged, or set up.

But it’s also what helps make the wedding photographs for the bride and groom. Aside from the official group shots you need to do, these special moments tell the story of the whole day.

This really sums up why I call myself a documentary style wedding photographer. We all have own unique style of photography, and we all have different price points. A lot of wedding photographer won’t look for this style of shot. As a result they will take a lot less photos and have a lot less work to go through them and editing them.

I’m going a little off topic hear, but to anyone reading this who is maybe looking for a wedding photographer, the advise I would offer is to meet them, and be less concerned over the cost and more concerned over the value you’ll get. After all, its not like you can reshoot the day…