Get your landscape or wedding photograph framed


You can now buy top quality custom frames for your beautiful landscape or wedding photographs.


By having your print framed professionally will be much better protected than an off the shelf frame. Good quality framing will enhance, compliment and protect the print for the future. 

All framed prints are sealed on the rear and I also seal between the glass and undermount, this stops not only dust getting the wrong side of the frame, but also insects such as thunderflies. 



All prints are mounted using a front window mount cut from 1400 Micron Thick Snow White Smooth Conservation board. The mount is then finished with a backing piece of mountboard (known as the undermount) that sits behind the window mount, and it is this that the print is mounted to. Our backing boards are always a conservation whitecore backing board. We never use cheaper cream core boards for any of our products.

You can choose from three kinds of frame moulding shown here.

The prices quoted below include the print, mount, frame and courier cost. The framed prints are only available to UK customers.

Print size - 18 x 12 inch framed £95
Print size - 12 x 8 inch framed £80

Please note all products are currently being updated to feature this service. If the print you want isn't up-to-date please get in touch.

Light Flat Oak 34mm.jpg

Light Oak Flat frame 34mm

Matt Black 32mm.jpg

Black Matt Flat frame 32mm

White Gloss Flat frame 32mm