Getting to shoot one of the best restaurants in the North West was an absolute joy. That’s one of the things I love about photography – meeting new people and making new friends.

Nutters Restaurant Photography

I met Andrew Nutter, celebrity chef and the proprietor of Nutters Restaurant in Edenfield about 18 months ago when he bought several of my Manchester landscapes. An encounter purely down to Twitter I might add.

The chance purchase Andrew made eventually led to me doing some new photography of his restaurant for marketing purposes back in October. To say it was the perfect autumnal day is an understatement and it feels like a lifetime ago given the recent deluges! The venue itself is stunning, both inside and out it is no surprise that it’s a popular wedding venue as well as restaurant. Quite rightly, Andrew and his family are proud of what they have created.

Day of the photoshoot

The shoot took place on a Monday when the restaurant was closed. As this was more about the venue than atmosphere it made sense not to have their guests tripping over my tripod as I busily went about my business. I arrived around 11.00 am, and took advantage of the gorgeous late morning autumn light drawing itself over the exterior of this former stately home and war hospital!

Fast forward to lunch and the man himself pops by to say hello, giving me the chance to take a quick photograph of him out of his usual chef attire.

The interior met with a few challenges, however. For example, the best table had been cleared away for a charity event, but overall I was able to get what I wanted to achieve for him.

With any commercial photoshoot, it’s important to me that the client is not just happy. I want them to be delighted so I was especially pleased when we started talking about a second shoot, planned to capture the atmosphere of the restaurant when it’s packed full of guests enjoying the culinary delight’s Andrew and his team cook up. This is going to be a logistical challenge so it’s still being planned. Watch this space.

In the meantime, I really do recommend trying Nutters. You certainly won’t be disappointed.