I love the variety being a photographer and designer brings to my daily life. Gone are the days when I was chained to my desk, sometimes spending 12 hours or more staring at a Mac. Sure, I still have days like that. The main difference is now I get to go to new places and meet new people sometimes 2-3 times a week. This post is an example of that. 

I was contacted by Phil at Hobs Reprographics in Manchester about photographing some team members at one of their clients who they were pulling a tender together for. Happy do help the out I was put in touch with their contact and I arranged a time to come down and shoot the corporate portraits that were need for the bid. As ever with a job like this I got popped into a small conference room. Makes for a bit of challenge fitting the lights and background into such a space, but, you work with what you’re given. You have too. And you make sure the results are spot on.

I must have done something right (I joke of course), especially when the person I had been liaising with, Sue, got back in touch about shooting and event they were holding for the same bid at the Copthorne Hotel in Salford Quays. The event was to introduce their supply chain to the project and get them interested should the bid prove to be successful.

A breakfast event, I was asked to capture a variety of networking images before the presentation. Then once inside, try and show the presentation and audience engaged. Not easy in these environments, but the end result was pretty good. 

Now a member of the same supply chain, I’m looking forward to continue to work with Sue and her team at NG Bailey.