I love Friday weddings. I don’t know why but there’s definitely something different about them.

On the Friday 1st July, I had the pleasure of shooting Jade and Mark’s wedding. What made me choose this wedding photo for July’s wedding photograph of the month post was a simple statement made by Jade pre-wedding. They had a small whiteboard in their kitchen which had ‘1 more day ’til I marry the love of my life’ written on it.

I assumed this was the handiwork of Jade. But no. It was Mark. It turned out he was the romantic one in the relationship.

So when Mark lent down to kiss Jade’s shoulder as she looked back down the church, just before the ceremony commenced, I was quick to capture this very special moment.

What also helped was the gorgeous light that was streaming in through the high windows illuminating the couple. Moments like this are exactly why couples ask me to be their wedding photographer. I spend all day constantly scanning for these special moments, usually meaning I see more of the wedding day than most.