Hotel photography for Amazon

Amazon Destinations Hotel Photography

I was sightly taken aback when a high-profile company like Amazon Local reached out to me in May with a request to capture the beauty of the UK’s B&Bs and hotels throughout England’s stunning Lake District, Yorkshire, New Forest, Wales and more.

After speaking with their Creative Head, however, I saw how my services could be beneficial; Amazon Destinations wanted these locations featured on its website so that visitors would have access to exclusive discounts from unique destinations around the world Рsomething especially advantageous for smaller businesses without major marketing resources! The concept was that Amazon Destinations would provide a platform for these independent hotels and Bed & Breakfasts with specialised offers being advertised to its massive database. However due this shift in the market it was unfortunately shut down soon afterwards launch.

But to truly capture the essence of a hotel or B&B, potential customers need to be able to see what their rooms would look like. It’s shocking how often decent photographic evidence is not available online and those who really want an accurate representation are left disappointed by inadequate images.

Over the course of four months, I was tasked with an ambitious photographic project that led me on a journey around the country capturing hotel photography at over fifty stunning businesses. From New Forest to Pembrokeshire, and even all the way up to Lake District, no area went uncovered in this massive endeavor!

The brief itself gave more than enough direction – photography was needed for architectural hotel photography as well as interior photos. Anything ranging from reception areas or spa facilities through to dining rooms and bedroom types at each location had be shot so it could accurately document everything about every hotel visited.

Professional photography can be a powerful asset when selling hotel rooms, office spaces or even your home. Showcasing high-quality images of these properties will attract potential customers and positively influence their decisions to purchase. A good photograph is worth more than words – so if you need help capturing the perfect shots for your listing, don’t hesitate to reach out today!

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