DMM Product and Factory Photography

DMM Product and Factory Photoshoot

Two photoshoots to cover product and factory photography for DMM Professional Рthe arm of DMM International that designs and manufactures working at height safety gear, rather than climbing equipment Рbut both used in the same catalogue.

I had worked on the DMM account from a design point of view for a few years so I was fairly knowledgeable about the various processes they used to manufacture their world class products. I had even art directed one or two photoshoots for the retail catalogue they produced every year.

Having this experience and relationship with the business was always going to help. Because the catalogue was home to several hundred pieces, these had been shot as and when they had them in stock by a local studio. So the brief for the photography was only to capture some of the manufacturing processes used in the making of the products, and then produce some hero product photography that made them look sexy but strong!

The factory shoot was the hardest. With it being a small North Wales based business, the plant itself was very busy. Lots going on in a small space, so setting up lights was never going tobe an option. Instead, I had to make use of any natural light there was, withnobody flash and exposure times. The brief being to capture the hands on approach and care they have when manufacturing their wares.

The hero shot was much easier. Shooting wide open with a macro lens and strong side on lighting made the metal and anodised colouring really stand out, made sexy by the very shallow depth of field. Even capturing some of the strength ratings and British Standards marks. Overall the shots looked great, but when seen in context of the brochure they looked amazing, even if I do say so myself.


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