Amaze 20th Birthday Event Photography

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I was delighted to be commissioned (via a third party Marketing Agency – Bluestar Marketing) to shoot an important event for Amaze. Amaze is a 20-year-old digital agency that works with some of the world’s leading brands. The event was the Amaze 20th birthday event, a conference together with a party.

About the Amaze 20th Birthday Event shoot

This took place in September 2015 at the famous Victoria Warehouse in Manchester.

I was ultimately attempting to capture candid moments of the day’s events. From arrival of the team of 200 employees to other pieces, including:

  • lunch;
  • the conference with the guest speakers;
  • an art exhibition and;
  • through to the evening entertainment which included a roller disco – quite a day.

Doing any sort of event photography like this can be great fun – in many respects, it’s very similar to wedding photography. But it can also be quite challenging. For example, the varying levels of light can make it hard to expose correctly. Moreover, it becomes even harder by not being able to shoot with flash.

But I love a challenge. In fact, I thrive off of it. Over the course of the day, I shot several hundred images, using an array of techniques – longer exposure to capture the band as they danced through the lunch area just being one.

Plus it’s also worth considering that many people just don’t want a camera shoved in their face. Which is where I like to think I’m quite good… I try not to impose myself too much on the proceedings but try and capture the essence of the event in the photography that i do.

These photographs were then used throughout a 20th birthday celebration book that I designed and print managed. It was certainly nice to be able to see the event photography through to the end and I know Amaze were delighted with the end result.

Congratulations on making it 20 years Kin and Carta. Happy Birthday!

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