One year on from the opening night launch at the Bird at Birtle, owner Andrew Nutter asked me if I would like to come to the 1 year celebration party – an event organised by the establishment to say thank you to all their suppliers and friends who had helped make it such a success. 

The one request, was could I please bring my camera. I didn’t have too, but it’d be nice to get some good shots of the party. Well, to be honest, I don’t mind wandering round, trying to get some candid, documentary style photographs. I brought the family and my sister-in-law and husband, so we I was in good company. So in between burgers and beers, I strolled round the sun-baked grounds shooting anything that looked interesting, or trying to capture that moment of laughter, anything really that would sum up the day. 

It’s not a hard life and with my budding photography children given a camera each they even caught some crackers as well, so a big thanks to Sam and Lola for letting me put my feet up for half an hour. 

A superb day and an absolute pleasure to do more work for Andrew and his team. He always has time to say hi, whenever we eat their or at Nutters Restaurant, so it was the least I could do. 

Thankfully, they were very happy with the photos so a relaxing Saturday that became a busman’s holiday, ended very well. Apart from the sunburnt head. And it is safe t say the the Bird is most definitely still flying. Thanks Nutter!