As a landscape photographer without a vast advertising budget, I have to really rely on the various forms of social media in order to reach as many as you lovely people as possible. In fact, you can see on my homepage I’m pretty much everywhere. PinterestTwitterFacebookFlickr500pxLinkedIn and so on. In fact I get an awful lot of web traffic from it. If you don’t mind this moment of self indulgence I would like one little moan about it though.

Please may I ask one small favour? If I share one any of my coastal, Yorkshire, Manchester or Lake and Peak District landscape photographs on of social media, don’t just take it and use it as you cover or profile pic. the image still belongs to me so it is a little like stealing isn’t it? As with all things like this it’s pretty rare, but is still annoying.

I’m a reasonable chap though, so here’s my 5 step guide on how not to borrow an image with my permission…

5 easy steps on how to get one of my lovely landscape photographs

  1. Ask me, if it’s for personal use, I’ll probably say yes anyway – in fact I’ll be flattered.
  2. If you want it for personal use, then share it via the ‘share’ link as it attributes the Facebook page and let me know.
  3. If its for commercial use, I will say yes but a small licensing fee will be applied – and I’ll be flattered.
  4. Don’t save to your computer, re-upload as your own and crop away my watermark – the chances are I’ll find out and I won’t be happy.
  5. Just mention my facebook page/twitter/website when you use it.  (assuming #1 and #2 have been satisfied).

Hope this doesn’t upset people. Just see it from my point of view. Taking landscape photographs is a skill. Plus it takes time, experience, early mornings, late nights and usually some cost.

This isn’t just a hobby. All my prints and canvases are available to buy from my shop. I’ll even get them framed for you if you want me too! However, just taking without asking is a little unfair. After all, when this happens it just cheapens what I do and will probably cost me a sale somewhere along the line. Hope you all understand.