A couple of years ago I got a call from Samantha asking if she could purchase a couple of framed Manchester prints for a leaving present for a colleague. Fast forward a year later and Sam calls again, this time asking if I would shoot their wedding!

The wedding followed the usual pattern of me meeting them, then arranging to meet a few months later. So imagine my surprise when we met up two weeks before the wedding and Sam is 8 months pregnant. This keeps happening to me! haha

The wedding was held at the amazing Bartle Hall in Preston As Sam was heavily pregnant we had to do the group shots in batches so she could rest for a few minutes, so we kept the formal shots to a minimum but I made sure I took lots of candid shots of them and their guests. Luckily there was a comfy sofa which lent itself beautifully to be the backdrop of a lot of the couples shots being the bride rest and we still got some lovely shots.

One of the things about this wedding was the speeches. A big thing about my wedding photography style is trying to capture the emotions of the day. So it was great to have some hilarious speeches and being able to photography roaring laughter from the wedding guests.

The venue was lovely and with it being so open it was fantastic to be able to wander around the grounds shooting the guests with my telephoto lens and really getting those shots that they simply don’t know you are doing. I felt like a paparazzi! 

Another fab day and my last wedding of 2017.

Thanks you two.