Manchester Event photographer Paul Grogan

Manchester event photographer | Paul Grogan

My event photography has been used across all media, from prospectuses, newspapers, magazines, corporate brochures, to websites and other digital media in Manchester and across the UK. 

I'm equally at home on location in the countryside or in the city, covering a corporate event or in the studio doing corporate portrait or product photographys. I enjoy the challenge of getting the best images out of sometimes difficult situations and always striveto get the best results possible for my commissions.

The  past three years I have exhibited in New York and now in my home town of Manchester. With a growing regional reputation, I've also been happy help local charities such as Better Things and Forever Manchester.

Click on a link below to view my commercial photography portfolio

Balfour Beatty Construction
DMM Professional
DMM International
Manchester City Council
GMI Construction

If you would like to speak to me about a possible commission,
please get in touch here or call me on 07837 631 675.