I class myself as a professional photographer, rather than just a wedding photographer. And because I have more than one photographic discipline, I always try and bring a little something different to the wedding photographs I capture.

With this thought always at the forefront of my mind, I’m always on the look out for the lovely bit of light, or that special moment shared between people on a special day like a wedding.

Doing the wedding photography for Louise and Ryan’s wedding was no exception. The location was Clough Manor in Saddleworth. A spectacular location although they – like many other couples this year – fell foul of the weather…

It’s not unusual these days to be the couple to already have children. Ryan and Louise’s gorgeous little girls certainly gave great entertainment and loved posing for me… and the appear in one of my favourite wedding photographs I’ve taken this year.

The photograph in question was shot in the brides hotel room. I had advised Louise that we should try and do as many photographs inside because the weather was so inclement. So just before we went down for the ceremony, as the the sky brightened, shone through the curtains, and give a gorgeous diffused back light to them, I took a couple of quick shots.

It’s moments like this, particularly the ‘looking through the wand’ moment that I really try and capture in any event photography, especially weddings.

The day on the whole was lovely, and the funniest moment was when we took the group shot in the bar… that actually came out looking good, and not the usual organised ridged and formal group wedding photo you usually see.

And on a final note, I want to say a huge thank you to Clough Manor for feeding me during the wedding breakfast and Ryan’s brothers for making me so welcome and being so helpful arranging the shots.