I’ve lost count the number of times I have been asked if I do wedding photography. To be honest I don’t really blame anyone who asks me because it isn’t my only specialism. But I think that actually helps me when I’m taking wedding photographs.

So ok, let’s answer this question once and for all… yes I am a wedding photographer in Manchester. I also do interiors, architecture, landscapes, corporate portraits and more.

I believe that covering a multitude of disciplines doesn’t make me a jack of all trades, master of none. Far from it. I believe that being asked to cover a wider variety of photographic subjects actually enables me to produce better wedding photographs than you would get from a specialist wedding photographer.

By being able to produce imagery in a variety of styles and situations, my style can go from producing a carefully posed and set up photograph, to a wonderfully candid documentary style of wedding photography.

Now, I’m never one to criticise fellow professionals but there are a number of ‘wedding photographers’ out there who quite simply aren’t up to it.  Sometimes these people are just friends with a good camera who take a good picture. Others are supposed professionals who can charge anywhere between a small fortune or bargain basement prices.

The internet is full of horrific examples of poor wedding photography. These are usually accompanied by a very sad tale about how upset the bride and groom is.

Now imagine being that bride and groom. All that planning and expense that goes into your big day. Then the one thing you take away from it that is tangible and forever lasting (beyond of course your partner) gets delivered to you and is dreadful?

It’s quite sad really. I’m all for competition in any sector but like anything in life, you need to be careful when choosing your wedding photographer. You choice should be based on what you want to see, not what the wedding photography thinks you’ll want.

Don’t expect to get the best if you pay over £1000. Don’t expect to get anything decent if you pay £200 (unless you get a special offer of course)… But whatever you pay, you should expect beautiful wedding photos that capture your day perfectly. They should be in focus, exposed correctly, processed properly and supplied promptly for viewing. And just as importantly, they should tell the story of your wedding day. It’s about the hidden moments; a moment away from the crowd, unseen loving looks, cheeky children, dad dancing – my aim is to find these hidden moment so that when you see your photos there are the ones you expect, and the ones that surprise and delight.

I understand that most brides will have dreamt about the details and spent hours searching for the right colours, flower arrangements, and that it’s these details that create the perfect feeling for their wedding. Your wedding photographs should tell the entire story of your special day.

So please remember, choose carefully and ensure you get a wedding photographer that suits your style and personality.

I think, its important to capture the little details of your wedding day.

And the moments of sheer joy – when you’re not looking.

These moments are part of your big day.

Group wedding photos are important, but so is getting the little cheeky moments

Photographing your wedding in a documentary style is what I aim to do.

So you don’t miss any of those special moments.