You can probably imagine the thoughts running through my head when I got a call asking if I could come a photograph a waxing studio in my home town of Radcliffe.

Well… no, it didn’t involved photographing the look of agony etched into their latest victims faces… it was for a new mobile smartphone and tablet app, Jolene, the owner of the business, had decided to commission.

Jolene wanted me to do two 1/2 day photoshoots to cover what she needed. The first was an interiors shoot when the salon was closed, so no customers felt uncomfortable with me wandering around with my camera and tripod. The purpose of this shoot was to show how lovely the salon’s environment is—and it actually is very well done—on the app.

The second shoot was to again for the app, but was more involved. One of the key aspects of the app was a meet the team section — where the customer could see the team and the various skills each one had. It was a tight squeeze but we managed to get the white backdrop in the salon and the lights and we had an hours fun photographing each member of the team individually, then again as a full team for a billboard advert.

All good fun though and I was pleased that Jolene was extremely happy with the final photographs.

It even turns out Strictly Waxing have even waxed Liverpool comedian John Bishop, before he did a cycling challenge for charity.