I especially love doing commercial photography with local business. And although I’m very happy to travel all over, there’s something nice about keeping the local economy ticking over.

As such it was great to work with Handrail Creations in Bolton. An interesting photoshoot too. Handrail Creations design and manufacture beautiful wooden handrails, and they approached me to capture the various manufacturing processes and skills they have.

Working in dusty and dark environments is always a challenge, added to the fact that they are w working business, so speed and adaptability were the order of the day. Working with two Canon Speedlite 430s connected wirelessly and umbrellas I was able to significantly improve the lighting without having large power units or cables running everywhere. In an ever changing environment this was particularly handy, so I could move quickly to shoot some hand finishing, or get out of the way as and when I needed to.

The most challenging aspect was photographing a detail of one of the processes without giving too much away. After the machine was set up, I climbed inside the machine and, under strict supervision, shot some extremely close up details using only available light.

My particular favourite part of the shoot though was shooting the two young craftsman who did all the hand finishing. Again shooting and setting up quickly, I was able to capture some great shots of the lads.