A location shoot for GE Robinson, a timber yard that operates out of several branches across the UK. I was referred via design agency in Northern Ireland who had been commissioed by the parent company Haldane Fisher to design and build a new website for GE Robinson.

A lot of my work comes via referrals so I am always rather pleased to get approached to undertake a commercial shoot which involved photographing the timber yard in Salford for GE Robinson, for their new website.

The challenge around shooting in a business environment, especially one like a this means you have to be aware that they are an operational business, so being able to turn up with models, stylists and so on just isn’t going to happen. You also have to ensure you follow their strict health and safety rules!

But I actuallu enjoy this type of photoshoot. Commercial business premises, particularly those which serve the construction industry are real. They’re not clean or shiny. They’re generally a bit untidy and dirty.

Trying to capture these business doing what they do, in real time is why I get commissioned. The brief was to capture working processes, the overall operation, people and some products they produced.