As many photographers would point out, it’s incredibly hard to fit in getting out doing what you love if you have a young family. Particularly our desire to get out to photograph a landscape during sunrise or sunset!

I’m quite fortunate in the fact I have a very understanding wife, who appreciates we all need to do something outside of work and family life so I do get out once or twice a month. Another, perhaps more obvious way to fit our other love in is to include the family. ‘What?’ I hear you cry. Well that’s what I once thought. Getting them up at 5.00am for a sunrise shot isn’t perhaps a good idea, but now the nights are longer there’s no reason why they couldn’t come along on a sunset shoot or another subject that didn’t require the best lighting conditions, for example a woodland waterfall during the day.  

I’ve done this on a couple of occasions now (a midday bluebell shoot brought the bottom image on this post from my son Sam), and the more recent was a trip up to Blea Tarn in the Langdale valley in the Lakes with my daughter, Lola. She had been keen to go since she saw it on the BBC’s Countryfile programme a few weeks ago.

Lola, posing in front of the magical Blea Tarn in the Lake District

Sadly it was a bit overcast but it was very still so we both got some great reflections on on the Tarn.

One of my favourite images taken on my Canon 5dmk2

Lola’s best effort

Another one of Lola’s – the tarn from up the hill near the National Trust Car Park

Apart from spending time with the kids when you might not normally, it’s lovely to see them really enjoy taking photos, even if they are using child friendly compact cameras. The results Lola got were really good too.

A sneaky photo of her old Dad! Don’t mind the grey, I’m only 39.

It was so quiet. All we could hear was the occasional bird and the fish coming up for dinner! 

Lola was trying to capture the fish feeding


The scenery in the Lake District is stunning and even better when wether permits stillness like this on the Tarn which is perfect for mirrored reflections

Sadly, the sun never quite broke through, and the rain started to set in again. I really enjoyed the hour spent there with Lola and she took some great photographs for a 9 year old I thought. We’ll definitely be doing it again. 

For those of you who haven’t to Blea Tarn, it’s very simple to get to and really good for families. For sat nav purposes use LA22 9PG for the postcode for the road the National Trust Car Park for Blea Tarn is on. Although beware, the carpark is up the steep hill and over the cattle grid, past some trees on the right. If you drive past the tarn, on your left you’ve gone too far. A short walk across the road and down the path and your there. Although there are many short to long walks around the Tarn to do as well. I’ll be going back for the day soon and hope to capture the Tarn from all angles.

are excellent resources for walks and info.