As I’ve said before, my day job is a graphic designer. And I love combining the three things I love, typography, design and photography. Doing my own stuff helps me do this.

Anyway, I work in the area of Manchester known as Ancoats, near the more famous area of the Northern Quarter (All of this falls into the M4 postcode district). Both are very much artisan and full of small and interesting buildings, nooks and crannies and sights. A visual treat if you look for them. So I started to go out at lunch time and have a wander with either my iphone, Olympus EP1 or Canon 5dmk2 and take some candids wherever I came across something that interested me or that amazing bit of light that illuminated or highlighted something previously unnoticed.

I ended up with about 200-300 snaps and I thought what should I do with them? All were very personal, and none I felt were commercial… anyway I had a thought. Perhaps they would make a really cool poster or print.

So I set about designing it.

From the left, the original shot, the cropped version and the final Instagram output

First up narrowed it down to maybe 75 images. Then I took the images into Instagram to really grunge up the look and emphasise the light and colours. Once I had the images sorted, I had to download them using a handy app called InstantDown. Once on my iPhone, I was able to email them to my MacBook Pro and start creating. Great fun but really arduous…

Just some of the final images used.

I then had to narrow these down further to 24. Four rows of five, and one row of four. To leave space for my M4 design.

Here it is. Lots of days, hours, anguish and fun. It is available as a limited edition fine art print from here. It will be signed and numbered. Hope you enjoy looking at it.