Later than planned here’s my choice for August’s wedding photo of the month. Taken at Whitehead Gardens in Bury, next door to Bury’s Registry office it just summed up the wedding and the lovely bride and groom.

More about the Wedding Photo of the Month

I always try and ensure that the wedding photography I take show the flow of the day, and capture the personality of the bride and groom.

In today’s choice, I felt this photo really captures the couple’s love for each other. Quite poignant given their hist and how the were childhood sweethearts before marrying different partners.

I certainly think this really sums up how happy they both are together. I remember shooting them for a few minutes away from the wedding crowd. After a bit of encouragement, I managed to get them too relax. Perhaps too much. In the end I had to interrupt them to get them to look at the camera. I think you can see that on their faces. I’m not sure exactly what I said but it certainly did the job.

In addition, just a quick note about Bury and the registry office. These gardens are literally a couple of minutes walk down the pavement, and has a striking monument. It is also quite private so makes for a great location for those romantic newlywed photos.